Her Secret Weapon

As know as: The Secret Weapon, Her | 비밀병기그녀

Air time: 0h. Next Ep:

Cast: Daeun, Dahye, Minhee, Yerin, Jisoo, Alice, Sihyun, Solbin, Jei, Daye

Broadcast Network: MBC

Released: 2015

Beginning June 5, 2015, MBC Plus Media began teasing members of the show's cast, releasing a new member's identity every few days and eventually releasing a video trailer for the show as a whole. On June 17, 2015, a poster of all ten contestants was released on social media.

The show is hosted by Defconn, Jang Su-won, and Boom and features Yerin (G-Friend), Dahye (BESTie), Alice (Hello Venus), Solbin (LABOUM), Sihyun (SPICA), Daye (Berry Good), Jisoo (TAHITI), Minhee (STELLAR), Jei (Fiestar), and Daeun (2EYES). In the fifth episode, Yerin, Minhee, Jei, and Daye were eliminated. They were then given the choice to stay or leave the show. Yerin and Minhee chose to stay, while Jei and Daye chose to be replaced by a group mate. In the sixth episode, Taeha became the Berry Good representative and Caolu became the Feistar representative.

SUB - HD Her Secret Weapon Episode 2

SUB - HD Her Secret Weapon Episode 1